Fortune International Plaza is a mix used commercial project invested by YUCAI GROUP. The project is located in Chuzhou, Anhui Province, China. Chuzhou is a historical city where is located in East China and on the west edge of the Yangtze River triangle Zone. It is also called Wan Dong. Its total area is 13,300 square kms, the population in the place is 4.5 million. From southeast to north, it is connected with a China major city NanJing.

The project includes 35000m2 of commercial property and 15000m2 of residential property. It would be one of the major business centres in the city. YUCAI has reached a strategic partnership with the head of domestic chain enterprise The RT-MART, RT-MART is a supermarket brand established by Ruentex Group,Taiwan in 1996. As of 2012, RT-MART has opened 219 supermarkets throughout in China; annual sales exceed USD 12.73 billion. It was ranked as the champion of China Hypermarkets & Superstore & Supermarket Sales Ranking. RT-MART’s participation would make Fortune International Plaza to be the largest supermarket in Chuzou. It will also bring a series of quality brands joining.

YUCAI is looking forward the cooperation with RT-MART in future, and aim to develop more livelihood projects in sub areas in Chuzhou.

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