Tenement – South Australia

West Lee Hill (4765)

The tenement is located in the Gawler Craton 50 km north of Olympic Dam and it is cut by the Borefield Road north of Roxby Downs. 

This project targets extensions to IOCGU mineralisation intersected on the neighbouring tenement along an interpreted northsouth trending fault. 

The tenement lies within the Gawler Craton which contains the giant Olympic Dam mine. The Olympic Dam deposit, which is associated with 1590 Ma Hiltaba Suite Granite, contains 2.54 million tonnes U3O8, 79 mt copper and 79 moz gold making it the World’s largest IOCGU deposit. 

Quiet magnetic and gravity data suggest a fault passes through this mineralisation into the tenement. The West Lee Hill tenement has potential for extensions to this mineralisation along this fault, which appears to have been active during emplacement of Hiltaba Suite Granites. 

The tenement lies 50 km north of Olympic Dam alongside recently IOCGU mineralisation recently delineated by Tasman Resources Ltd. Tasman intersected 53m at 0.10% Cu, 0.04g/t Au and 0.02kg/t U3O8 from 907m (including 10m at 0.2% Cu, 0.05g/t Au and 0.047kg/t U3O8 from 936m) in VAN 1, 10 km south of the tenement. 

The geological setting, the pedigree of surrounding IOGCU deposits and the recent competitor discovery at Titan and Zeus make this tenement an attractive exploration target for IOGCU. The low level of previous exploration means that this potential is relatively untested. 

Cover thicknesses within the tenement are substantial and no drill testing of this fault or any other basement rocks has occurred to date. Mesoproterozoic basement is shallow in the west and deepens to the east, ranging between 500 and 1000 m.


Chinamans Hat Hill (5274)

The tenement is located approximately 60 km NNW of Andamooka, and the tenement size is about 461 m2

Commencing at a point being the intersection of latitude 29o45'S and longitude 136o49'E, thence east to longitude 137o02'E, south to latitude  29o56'S, west to longitude 136o56'E, south to latitude 30o00'S, west to longitude 136o51'E, north to latitude 29o55'S, west to longitude 136o49'E, north to latitude 29o52'S, east to longitude 136o50'E, north to latitude 29o46'S, west to longitude 136o49'E, and north to the point of commencement.






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